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    Informe octurbre Dofinance

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    Informe octurbre Dofinance

    Mensaje por Admin el Vie Oct 20, 2017 6:03 pm

    Os dejo el ultimo informe de

    DoFinance in October

    Dear investors and partners,
    Being at the right place at the right time is a skill. To catch up with the peers with whom we make the P2P lending world happen, on October 9 and 10 you could meet DoFinance at Europe’s major event of the P2P industry – LendIt 2017. With more than 140 speakers, LendIt 2017 covered wide range of topics – from leveraging alternative data to how artificial intelligence is transforming financial services. We’ve gathered valuable new insights and discovered the latest developments. All to be integrated in the mission of DoFinance – Finance for human.
    in numbers

    New loans on the platform + 1.60 M €

    NPL (non-performing loans) rate 6.58%

    New investors + 240

    Average interest rate 10.59%

    Instant Buyback Guarantee 100%


    Improved and more secure Investor verification process

    Updated daily/weekly/monthly investor’s Performance reports

    Updated Products section
    on the web

    “DoFinance is the easiest way to invest in P2P loans,” the review of DoFinance on Alternative Investments concludes. Read the full review here.

    Comments, suggestions or feedback? Drop us a line at or chat with us on our website.

    Thank you for placing your trust in us.
    Sincerely yours,
    Jānis Kulikovskis
    Co-founder of DoFinance

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