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    nuevo Loan Originator

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    nuevo Loan Originator

    Mensaje por Admin el Mar Mar 20, 2018 7:17 pm

    Acabo de leer el correo que me ha llegado de

    Estrenan un nuevo Loan originator y prometen que no sera el ultimo.

    De momento invierten esfuerzos en mejorar , vamos a seguir vigilando.

    We continue our good news series!
    Today we are especially delighted as we are opening a new and exciting page in PeerBerry’s story.
    Back in November 2017 PeerBerry started off with Aventus Group as the only loan originator. Soon after launching we realised that demand for passive income is much greater than we first anticipated.
    We see more and more investors joining PeerBerry everyday. Having you on PeerBerry is our biggest reward and greatest joy. Therefore, in order to meet your expectations and offer more diverse loans, we decided to open PeerBerry to other European loan originators.
    And today, we are introducing Gofingo group, a privately owned holding company of different consumer and business loan providers profitably operating in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania and Ukraine since 2015. Its’ stakeholders have over 20 years of proven track record in banking and lending. All loan providers operate as separate entities, united through shared stakeholders and strong focus towards innovative FinTech solutions and big data analysis for effective risk management.
    To begin with, we will introduce loans from one of Gofingo group’s companies SOSCredit in the Czech Republic.

    Despite strong competition in just a few years after launch SOSCredit has established itself as one of the key players in the Czech Republic and is highly rated by its clients. SOSCredit has managed to achieve this through innovative IT solutions that enable quick and reliable risk assessment and loan decisions in just 15 minutes. Customers love the speed, quality customer service and transparency with no hidden fees or commission.
    We promise to continue adding new loan originators in order to give you  more diversity and opportunities.

    Please note that if you use auto invest, then do not forget to update your auto invest portfolio settings accordingly!
    Truly yours,
    Ausra from PeerBerry

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    Re: nuevo Loan Originator

    Mensaje por Ragagu el Miér Mar 21, 2018 9:05 am

    La verdad es que por aquella zona de Europa la peña no para de pedir préstamos....¿Cuanto será el nivel de endeudamiento (aunque sea corto plazo) de la población de aquelllos países?


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