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    TWINO, problemas login

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    TWINO, problemas login

    Mensaje por lll-lll el Vie Abr 07, 2017 1:37 am

    llevo horas intentando login en twino sin conseguirlo.
    ¿alguien más con este problema?


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    Re: TWINO, problemas login

    Mensaje por PeterK el Vie Abr 07, 2017 10:33 am

    lll-lll escribió:llevo horas intentando login en twino sin conseguirlo.
    ¿alguien más con este problema?

    Ahora a las 10:32 he podido logearme sin problemas. Trabaje en una Fintech y los deploy los hacían los jueves desde las 19 hasta el infinito xD


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    Re: TWINO, problemas login

    Mensaje por Tono el Vie Abr 07, 2017 6:42 pm

    a las 6pm no problem para entrar


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    Re: TWINO, problemas login

    Mensaje por Admin el Miér Nov 08, 2017 5:09 pm

    Parece ser que Twino, volvio a tener problemas tecnicos el pasado dia 1 noviembre

    Como yo estaba currando no me entere lol! lol! pero parece que lo solucionaron.

    os pego el mail recibido.

    I believe we owe you an explanation for yesterday’s downtime of TWINO platform, which was the longest downtime we have experienced to date. Although most of the critical processes, such as loan repayments, were running, we were unable to provide our investors with the access to their accounts, which clearly was a major failure on our side.

    This issue was caused by the technical miscommunication between the investment and the lending platforms. As we operate across a number of geographies, fixing the problem required co-operation between multiple teams including platform’s IT team, local lending IT teams, as well as the infrastructure team responsible for our servers and data backups.

    As the result, resolving the problem took much longer than we anticipated in the beginning. However, at this point we can say that platform operations are back to normal and none of the investor accounts were affected. We continue close monitoring of all processes, but don’t expect further issues.

    I am truly sorry for letting you down yesterday, but I can assure you that nobody on our team went to sleep yesterday until the issue was fixed. It was an experience to learn from, and I am sure this will make us even stronger.

    Jevgenijs Kazanins
    P2P Platform Lead
    on behalf of the TWINO team

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    Re: TWINO, problemas login

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